The Games

30th of June 2012

The Fallow Games

Köpi Brache, Berlin, Germany

WASTE, SPORT and HABIT come together for The Fallow Games.

Wasteland Twinning Network Berlin in collaboration with Gabrielle de Vietri host a day of urban sporting and appropriation of the city’s wastelands on the Köpi-Brache. Participants gain points they tackle the terrain and hunt in the shrubs.

Starting at the Spree River with “Dear Liza”, the event comprises ten stations, which turn everyday activities into challenges and games. This first event saw participants emerge onto the wasteland with a holey bucket filled with river water. A ladder awaits them at Station 2, where they must empty the remaining contents of the bucket into a pipe, which waters the garden. At Station 4, Easy Money presents participants with a sand hill cashed-up with small-denomination coins, which then translate into points. Digging and sifting equipment is custom-made from materials found on the wasteland to make searching for money easy. Hunde Platz, modelled on the traditional assault course, is the most physically demanding station for both humans and dogs.  The action is accompanied by live commentary by Gabrielle de Vietri and Alex Head who interviewed with participants.

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Commentary by Gabrielle de Vietri

Commentary by Alex Head

Commentary by Alex Head and Gabrielle de Vietri

fallowgames_event_1 fallowgames_event_2 fallowgames_event_3 fallowgames_event_5 fallowgames_event_6 fallowgames_event_7 fallowgames_event_8 fallowgames_event_10 fallowgames_event_11 fallowgames_event_12 fallowgames_event_13 fallowgames_event_15 fallowgames_event_16 fallowgames_event_18 fallowgames_event_20 fallowgames_event_21 fallowgames_event_22 fallowgames_event_23 fallowgames_event_24 fallowgames_event_25

Project: Will Foster, Alex Head and Gabrielle de Vietri
Stationmasters: Tapani Gradmann, Ferdiansyah Thajin, Gareth Davies, Clara Lescourret and Tapani Gradmann
Photo documentation by: Robyn Taylor, Tapani Gradmann and Will Foster
Video documentation by: Lars Hayer

The Nottingham Rounders Club

The Island, Nottingham, England


Appropriating the wasteland as adventure playground, recreation space and dangerous play area, Wasteland Twinning Nottingham hosted a  friendly rounders tournament on The Island site. Around 40 people came along to play, watch, commentate, officiate or report on the event, which posed questions about land use and ownership; community formation; and the social role of sport. As much as possible was sourced from the wasteland: bats were made from buddliea wood growing there, bibs were dyed with wasteland buddleia flowers and elderberries and elderflower cordial was served to refresh players.

The event formed part of Nottingham Contemporary‘s What is Sport? programme and was developed from ongoing conversations with curator Beth Bramich and the wider Wasteland Twinning Network about wasteland sites as spaces of recreation and for the formation of temporary communities.

Beth winning captain Altogether 2 Albany Allstars

Warm up stretch 2 Going for catch 2 Going for catch Wallop With Ball Commentary team Helping injured off Nasty cut Man down Helmet megaphone Mark batting 2 Katie batting Pitch Commentator's view Catch it! About to throw Going for catch

IMG_8743web IMG_8740web IMG_8723web IMG_8578web

Project: Beth Bramich, Rebecca Beinart, Mat Trivett, David Bell, Julian Hughes

Photo documentation by: Julian Hughes, Jim Brouwer/Nottingham Contemporary

Video documentation by: Jim Brouwer, Nottingham Contemporary

Commentary: Simon Raven and Jennie Syson

Buddleia wood bats: Mat Trivett

Buddleia flower / elderberry dyed bibs: Rebecca Beinart

Players: Beth Bramich, Trish Evans, Doug Smith, Dylan Jackson, Becky Ward, Jamie Collings, Georgie Park, Pete Morris, Anna Griffin, Neil Thomson, Mark Selby, Tom Wood, Rosamund Ward, Georgina Barney, Tim Allman, Annie MushyPeas, Chris Matthews, Al Clark, Rachel Robey, Kate Wells