Bangalore, India

The wasteland is adjacent to 1Shanthiroad. Wasteland are  culture specific and are called by different names. In India and in Bangalore they are called empty sites. These sites have specific function in the social and cultural spaces of the city. These space are owned by private individuals and have a very high commercial value. At all costs the owners will make sure that the land is not trespassed or illegally used without prior permission. The biggest wastelands were lakes and tanks that have been encroached on to make stadiums. This has caused environmental problems and

Interestingly they are made into private parking lots,playgrounds and spaces for festivals and craft exhibitions. One can hire them from the city corporation for a fee and use them at will.

Some sites are multi-functional and spaces that come under the urban land ceiling act. More about this regulation later.

Land nick names, Neologisms and slang terms

Empty sites,katte, playground,maidhan,jaaga,adda.



1,Shanthi road , bangalore, India

Land Topography

Size of the Land in sqm (approx.)

3,048 sqm


  • open with shrubs and trees in the periferry


  • flat and open sometimes fenced

Land status and definition


  • Vacant

Legal Status

  • In Private Ownership

Current Land Owner

multiple owners

Known intended future use by the land owner(s)

The space is going to be used by builders to make a block of flats.

Historical (basic)

The space was a colonial bungalow and has seen many owners.Currently owed by rich owners who have demolished it and have housed migrants workers as care takers in them.


Land Access


  • Accessible

The space is open and is used as a carpark,playground,hangout for local men to have coffee from the next door cafe.


The space is surrounded by residential flats and on one side touches 1shanthiroad studio space.

Land Users

Land is occupied by

  • caretakers


The land is used as a temporary housing and has a few sheds.Migrants from the northern part of the state live there,work and send their kids to school there.Some of these kids have found employment at shops and homes as helpers.

The space is used as a playground and the local men men hangout and deal with real estates and make small business deals

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