Dublin, Ireland

This wasteland space is at the junction of Harcourt Road and Richmond Terrace in Dublin City Centre. The site has lain idle for 10 years and derelict for many more years before being purchased by Dublin City Council. There is a large hoarding around the site and we have been entering the site via a ladder. There are 6 artists due to respond to the site this year. I am going to be responding through the use of a nomadic green house tent within which I will have conversations throughout the year.

Land nick names, Neologisms and slang terms



Junction of Harcourt Road and Richmond Terrace, Dublin, Ireland

Land Topography

Size of the Land in sqm (approx.)



  • Grass/moss in patches
  • Tarmac


  • Large Buddleia shrubs and other scrub
  • Large wooden hoarding
  • homeless persons tent debri

Land status and definition


  • Derelict

Legal Status

  • In Public Ownership

Current Land Owner

Dublin City Council

Known intended future use by the land owner(s)

Art-Lot is a year long project by a group of artists to sequentially transform a derelict site into a platform for art. The site has lain idle for 10 years and derelict for many years more before being purchased by Dublin City Council. With the probability that the site will not be developed for many more years, Art-Lot , is programmed to slowly rise up at a pace of change that reflects the new tempo of long-term thought replacing the more speculative rush forward of the previous years. Real change does not happen overnight but rather change happens when many elements conspire to shift the core of what was. Therefore we intend to work for a prolonged period of time funded for one year by nearby Clancourt Property Management and with the loan of the site (starting with a year) by DCC, we will work together (initially five artists and one curator) to take our time changing this space into an eventual temporary public art site.

The five artists will work separately and consecutively for two months at a time with the option of incorporating some of the previous artists work into their plans for the site. Several of the artists work in a semi archeological format, where they document the site as it is and extract from the site to transform elements into their artwork. These elements are taken from the buildup of debris over the years, dumped waste, remnants of homeless peoples tents, and various party paraphernalia that has been flung into the site from passing revellers.

Historical (basic)



Land Access


  • Accessible with effort

We currently climb the site via a ladder to gain entry

2013: The site has been cleared and a fence and gate have been instale around it. Access to the site is now via a key.


Land Users

Land is occupied by

  • nature
  • previously homeless person/persons


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