Nottingham, England

The wasteland site is situated between the inner-city area of Sneinton and Nottingham city centre. It has been derelict for a number of years despite various redevelopment plans which have included a Tesco superstore, a 'vibrant mixed use urban quarter' and, had England been successful in their bid to host the 2018 football World Cup, a football stadium. A single road (City Link) traverses it and divides the publicly accessible part of the site on the north from the fenced off area on the south. The publicly accessible part of the wasteland is used by dog-walkers and those seeking a short cut to the city centre or railway station. It is covered by various greenery during the summer months and is criss-crossed by a number of well-trodden paths.  The private part contains the burned out shells of two former Great Northern Railway warehouses and is littered with various fly-tipped items. It is fairly easy to gain access to the fenced off area and it is used by dog walkers and those seeking space away from the eyes of the city.

Land nick names, Neologisms and slang terms

The site is known locally as 'The Island' and has been branded as 'Eastside City' by developers URUK.



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Land Topography

Size of the Land in sqm (approx.)



  • Trees
  • Grass
  • Paths
  • Fly tipped household items
  • Empty bottles
  • Disused road
  • Road
  • Concrete floors of former buildings


  • Remains of former factory buildings
  • Two burned out former railway warehouses
  • City Link Road
  • Numerous pathways
  • wide variety of flora and fauna (including rare bee orchids)

Land status and definition


  • Brownfield

Legal Status

  • In Private Ownership

Current Land Owner

Heathcote Holdings
<p>Very little known, other than that they are based in Guernsey.</p>

Known intended future use by the land owner(s)

'Vibrant mixed used urban quarter' (

Redevelopment scheduled to have been completed by 2008, but no work has started and the 'marketing suite' is long closed. A Tesco superstore was proposed to kickstart this development but Tesco withdrew their application in May 2011, although it is not known whether they will reapply with new plans.

Historical (basic)

The site was formerly occupied by the warehouses and sidings of the Great Northern Railway and the pharmaceutical factories of Boots chemists. Ibuprofen was developed on the site and the railway warehouses (the shells of which remain) were designed by noted local architect T.C. Hine, who also designed the upmarket Park Estate to the west of the city centre. It's hoped that a more complete history will be written up as this project develops.


Land Access


  • Accessible

Around half of the wasteland is freely accessible to the public. A public road (City Link) traverses it and numerous pathways criss cross the site. The southern half is fenced off, but the fencing is not secure.


The site is bordered by roads and the railway: London Road on the west, Manvers Street on the east, the Nottingham-Grantham/Lincoln railway line on the south and Poplar Street and Evelyn Street on the north.

Land Users

Land is occupied by

  • Walkers
  • Artists
  • Drinkers
  • Dog-walkers
  • Commuters
  • Butterflies
  • Cats
  • Rats


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