Szyc Stadium, Poznań

The Szyc Stadium is located in the heart of Poznań, 1,5 km from old town. It was constructed in twenties and was serving as a football stadium until '95. For a last quarter of a century it has been successively inhabited by non-human habitants of the city. The tribune surrounding the stadium became the ground for at least two thousand trees growing there of more than 40 different species. The pitch of the field became a diverse meadow full of flowers which are attracting the pollinators. We found there as well fox's den. An ornithologist carried out a bird inventory. At the entrance in the ancient cloakrooms is living a couple of humans with a dog and a cat. The future live of all the habitants of the stadium is endangered. The city authorities are planning to build a Music Center there.

Land nick names, Neologisms and slang terms

Szyc Stadium (Stadion Szyca); Warta Stadium, 22 july Satdium



Between streets Dolna Wilda and Olimpijska, 60-995 Poznań, Poznań, Poland

Land Topography

Size of the Land in sqm (approx.)

(approx.) 65 000 sqm


  • long grass
  • Trees
  • Areas of gravel
  • trashes hill
  • ancient sport infrastructure
  • mound stadium
  • meadow
  • concrete structures


  • Old abandoned cars
  • Metal sheds
  • Rickshaws
  • situated between the sport buildings and recreation area
  • mound
  • cool in summer

Land status and definition


  • Post-Leisure

Legal Status

  • In Private Ownership

Current Land Owner

city of Poznań

Known intended future use by the land owner(s)

music hall

Historical (basic)

It was built in late 20’s, not used for the next 10 years because of defective construction, destroyed and rebuilt in late ’30. During second world war (years 40-43) was a nazis work camp and place of execution of Jews from Pozna?. After war it was rerebuilt due to increase the number of spectators. From 95’ is not used as a stadium, it changes few times the owners.


Land Access


  • Accessible with effort

legally is not accesible, there are some warning signs, accesible only if jump over the fence


all the terrain is fenced, there is few holes in the fence

Land Users

Land is occupied by

  • General public
  • Cats
  • Dog
  • Bypassers
  • residents
  • Foxes
  • animals
  • birds
  • plants


bird observation, relax, being in wild nature in the city center, jogging, meditation

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