Tilburg, The Netherlands

On this vast open urban space people walk with their dogs, junks and drop-outs hang around on the edges of the site and occasionally children play on the grassland. Other common usage encompasses a parking lot, the  storage of market stalls and the temporary storage of garden waste by the municipality. The wasteland is located next to the central railway station of Tilburg, which is a former industrial town in the south of the Netherlands. It is, however, not part of the railway infrastructure. In 1977 the 'St. Josephgesticht', an asylum for elderly founded in 1888, was demolished by the municipality. Since then the plot has been 'empty'. Within the near future the space will be developed into a residential area. Yet, the current financial crisis does not fasten up the process, and it can be expected that by 2013 the plot will still be undeveloped.

Land nick names, Neologisms and slang terms

MTS-terrein, this nick-name is often used by inhabitants. MTS is the abbreviation of a technical school which was located at the spot.



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Land Topography

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Land status and definition


  • Post-Residential

Legal Status

  • In Public Ownership

Current Land Owner

Tilburg Municipality

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The plot will be developed as part of the 'Spoorzone' project, which is a major urban redevelopment project for Tilburg. A larger part of the innercity which has been closed off for citizens will be opened up. 'De Werkplaats' was the railway workshop of Dutch State Railways.  A public-private partnership will develop this area into a mixed area of residencies, offices, retail and cultural facilities. This specific wasteland, as the current plans announce, will become a residential zone with some retail activities in the ground floor. See for more information the website of the Spoorzone, 'de Werkplaats' and the urban plan.

Historical (basic)

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  • Drinkers
  • Dog-walkers
  • Commuters
  • Drug-addicts
  • Kids


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